Donations Make New Addition to SMC Rehab Possible

Donations Make New Addition to SMC Rehab Possible

Stillwater Medical Foundation donations have purchased a TRAN-SIT® Car Transfer Simulator for the rehab unit at Stillwater Medical. It allows patients in rehabilitation to experience realistic scenarios to better prepare them for life outside the hospital. The simulator also offers a more suitable and safe environment to exercise car transfer skills without the hindering of weather or parking lot activity. 

Kevin Perry, of Stillwater Medical Rehab, said, “I believe our patients will have a more comprehensive rehabilitation outcome by integrating the TRAN-SIT® Simulator,” Perry explained, “Whether driving or a passenger, many people do not consider how the independence of vehicles impacts their daily life.”

Major contributions by Janzen Toyota and Wilson Family Auto, both located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, have made the simulator a reality. Juergen Janzen and Aaron Wilson, along with their families, are longtime supporters of Stillwater Medical Foundation, which exists to support and enhance the hospital’s medical equipment, facilities, services, education, and personnel.

“We are excited to be a part of bringing this technology to patients and future patients at Stillwater Medical. It’s easy to take mobility for granted and this will make an impact!” stated Juergen Janzen.

Aaron Wilson explained, “A friend of mine recently suffered from a skiing accident. He was able to work through his recovery with the help of a TRAN-SIT® Simulator. It’s an honor to be a part of bringing this equipment to the Stillwater community.”

Additional financial support for the simulator came from Stillwater’s Central Community Foundation through their round-up campaign. CREC customers can choose to round up their monthly electric bill as a donation to CCF. 

Use of the TRAN-SIT® Car Transfer Simulator should be available this fall in the Rehabilitation Unit at Stillwater Medical

Information from Stillwater Medical Foundation.