USA Rare Earth Announces Manufacturing Facility Coming to Stillwater with Oklahoma Officials

USA Rare Earth Announces Manufacturing Facility Coming to Stillwater with Oklahoma Officials

Governor Kevin Stitt and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce secured the Americas’ first rare earth metal and manufacturing facility. USA Rare Earth LLC announced its procurement and development of the first fully integrated U.S.-based rare earth metal and sintered neo-magnet manufacturing facility in Stillwater, Okla. 

The company, which controls and operates the Round Top Heavy Rare Earth, Lithium, and Critical Minerals Project in Hudspeth County, Texas, has selected Stillwater, Okla. for its operations.

USA Rare Earth plans to invest more than $100 million in developing the manufacturing facility. It will utilize its facilities and technology to convert rare earth oxides into metals, magnets, and other specialty materials. These products have numerous applications, including electric vehicles, wind turbines, mobile electronic devices, and military hardware.

Initial production at the Stillwater facility is expected to commence in 2023, with the project aiming to create more than 100 new jobs and generate over $6.6 million in wages once fully operational.

“Oklahoma has long been on the cutting edge of energy innovation, and this project embodies the energetic, forward-thinking mentality of our state,” said Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. “The USA Rare Earth project will help our state remain a leader in domestic energy production, further diversifying our economy while reducing U.S. dependence on foreign imports.”

“Currently, the United States, European Union, Japan, and much of the developed world is largely reliant on China for critical rare earth element production,” said Thayer Smith, president of USA Rare Earth. “Our goal with this project is to advance U.S. manufacturing capacity by establishing the first vertically integrated domestic supply chain for rare earth elements, and we are excited to be working in Oklahoma.”

“To increase national security, the U.S. must secure a domestic, reliable, and sustainable supply of critical rare earth elements,” said Ken Wagner, Secretary of Energy and Environment for the state of Oklahoma. “Oklahoma is perfectly positioned to help lead the way as the U.S. seeks energy independence and less reliance on foreign materials from countries who do not share our values.”

“The State of Oklahoma and the City of Stillwater offer a unique business, labor, and operating environment for USA Rare Earth and will be a catalyst for economic development,” said William Joyce, Mayor of the City of Stillwater. “We are excited to work alongside USA Rare Earth, state and local leaders, and our residents to solidify a healthy economy, productive workforce, and vibrant community.”

In addition to national defense, rare earth elements are behind many of Oklahoma’s core economic drivers, including the aerospace, technology, automotive, and advanced manufacturing industries.

State leaders also noted having access to the state’s research institutions, including proximity to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, will be vital for this project by providing ongoing research, development, and innovation of critical rare earth elements and a strong workforce.

“Our mission is to bring jobs, investment, and economic prosperity to the state of Oklahoma,” said Director of Business Development at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Jennifer Springer. “By establishing more high-wage job opportunities, this project will enable Oklahoma to become a nationwide industry leader across its core economic competencies.”

In 2020, USA Rare Earth acquired the only sintered neo-magnet manufacturing equipment in the western hemisphere. The company plans to have the necessary operating permits for all metal, flake, and magnet operations in 2022, with initial production to commence in 2023. For more information, please visit

USA Rare Earth, LLC (USARE) controls and operates the Round Top Heavy Rare Earth, Lithium, and Critical Minerals Project in Hudspeth County, Texas. Its mission is to create a fully integrated, US-based “mine-to-magnet” critical mineral supply chain supporting the ongoing green revolution without dependence on China. USA Rare Earth has developed the first rare earth and critical minerals processing facility in the United States (Colorado) and owns the only neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) permanent magnet manufacturing equipment in the Western Hemisphere. As a result, USARE is poised to become the leading domestic supplier of critical raw materials required for the electric vehicle, green energy, consumer electronics, and defense industries, as well as battery-grade lithium and tech metals needed for chipsets semiconductors, and 5G.

This week’s All About Stillwater Show will include details about this event, interviews with Thayer Smith, President of USA Rare Earth, the Governor, Stillwater’s Mayor, and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.